This is getting worrying. Her Buster collar's off and her stitches look like they're healing fine, but she's not eating much and when she does, she throws up. I want my kitties to be well. :(
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my spoon is too big!

Birthday post.

The big two-five. Have a great day! And I hope you have cake.
-Middle Sis Bikz x

royster, don't think I've forgotten! You just happen not to be related to me. (:
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A nice cup of tea

lessthanthree <3

Valentines this year -
* Faux-tearful call from Mad J at stupid o'clock in the morning.
* Birds (my fellow bedbreaker/heartbreaker) wishing me a belated one.
Two out of .... however many I could get ain't bad. =]
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Wake up and smell the roses!

Writer's Block: Heart to Heart

Valentine's Day: love it or hate it?

Am I supposed to hate it? Of course I am. I'm single. I'm meant to hate people who talk about how great it is having a boyfriend/girlfriend, people who snog in public and most of all, Valentine's Day. I'm meant to hate everything to do with coupledom, until I find a partner, then Val Day is fantastic and I go around pissing single people off by snogging in front of them inbetween saying how brill our relationship is.

But why? I have been single for two whole years, and appreciate that there are more important things than being coupled. Plus, I'm happy for those who are. My mum and dad still kiss when they come home from work, I'd much rather have them do that than split up. (In fact, my parents splitting up is one of the few things on my "I'd rather die" list.) I don't turn green with envy and shake my fist every time I'm out shopping with Lucie and she insists on buying things for her boyfriend Ryan, I think it's sweet. And finally -

She could be money, cars, fear of the dark, your best friend or just strangers in parks.
Whoever she is, whoever she may be, one thing's for sure - you don't have to worry.

-The Maine, "Whoever She Is"

Love can be for anyone and anything, not just partners. I just wished the kettle Happy Valentine's Day. (:
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How come ....

.... whenever I see Roxy's scar, I'm reminded of the following line?
Don't push back that perfect hair
Because I care too much to see what's there

The song's about bubonic plague and that line's a reference to the buboes on the neck. To my knowledge, Roxy does not have bubonic plague, but she does have beautiful fur and that big icky grey scar and I want her to grow her fur back and cover it up! :(

What a shame that cats don't wear belts. That could be the solution, but they don't.
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And isn't it ironic ....

.... don'tcha think!

Just as I'm happy with TBSG - TRSG returns.
Inconvenient, but good to see that it'll be back. (:
Oh, and it's a CONSPIRACY THEORY involving blink-182, fo' sho'.
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Got kitties back from neutering. Roxy looks like she's got a hole in the side of her. Particularly worried because she has to wear a "Buster collar" to stop her from licking the wound, because that could open it. If licking the wound could open it, what could getting into a catfight with Joshy, who has very large paws'n'claws, do to it? He could break a stitch easily. We need to get him some Buster slippers.
The Party Scene

Writer's Block: Half a Glass

Do you consider yourself an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

All of them, at different times. At the moment, I'm feeling optimistic (if I had to pick one of the three), though I'm always a "glass half empty" person. Does this mean I'm a pessimist? No. You're just more likely to get a refill from the bartender if you say that your glass is half empty, aren't you?
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